About Us

LanceQuest is created to offer developers a platform to showcase their fantastic work.  We also provide an easy access for creative innovators who have difficulties finding talented developers to help them implement ideas.  Any type of work, be it technical or artistic, simple or complicated, can all be uploaded here for perusal.

Innovators can check for any uploaded work to see if any can be tweaked, modified, or improved to bring your own ideas to reality.  If a developer’s work demonstrates the caliber you are looking for, simply contact the developer to see if she/he can take on your idea to execution.

Developers can use our platform to advertise your talent.  Your quality work can attract the attention of many innovators who reply on your skills to help them succeed.


Our service is completely.  If you find our service useful and would like to help us benefit more users like yourself, we appreciate any form of donation.  You can find the PayPal donation button at the bottom of our page, or send Bitcoin donation to:

Happy LanceQuesting!